Haven Hall - Old Law Building

Haven Hall 1933-1957


With the completion of Hutchins Hall in 1933 the Law Building entered a new period of existence. It was renamed Haven Hall in honor of Erastus O. Haven, President of the University from 1863 to 1869, and was made available for the use of several departments of the College of Literature, Science and the Arts.

Erastus Otis Haven


Haven Hall 1933-1957

The University Main Building


Law Department
Haven Hall 1933-1957

Seven of the rooms were assigned to the Department of History and an equal number to the Department of Sociology.

The former offices of the Dean and Secretary of the Law School were assigned to the Extension Division.

The room occupied by the Law Library became a study hall for students and the Bureau of Government Library, with the adjacent suite of offices occupied by the Bureau of Government.

The rooms at the north, on the second floor, were assigned to the Department of Journalism.

Haven Hall Directory

Haven Hall was destroyed by fire in
November of 1957.
The University Main Building