President’s House - 1910-1920

President’s House

James Angell’s sucessor was Harry Burns Hutchins, dean of the Law School since 1895, and long-time friend of Angell. He served as acting president from 1909-1910 and was named President in 1910. James Angell continuted to live in the President's House until his death in 1916.  Hutchins remained in his own home on Monroe Street. He was the only Michigan President not to live in the President’s House.

Harry Hutchins
Mary Louise Hutchins
Hutchin’s Home on Monroe Street at Packard

The Regents dine with President Hutchins at his home.

The Hutchin’s Home was located on the corner of

Thompson and Monroe Streets


The President’s House remained vacant after Angell’s death, unused except as a Red Cross headquarters during World War I, and as temporary housing for Professor Hugh Cabot of the Medical School from late 1919 through June 1920.

President’s House - 1920-1925


President Hutchins retired in 1920 and was succeeded by Marion LeRoy Burton, president of the University of Minnesota.  At his request the President’s House was thoroughly renovated and a sun parlor with a sleeping porch above was added to the east side. The back porch was made into an enclosed dining area and a garage with bedrooms overhead was added to the northwest side. Burton’s tenure was cut short by his death in 1925 after a year long illness.

Marion and Nina Burton
Sun Parlor and Sleeping Porch
Enclosed dining area replaced the original rear porch
Sun Parlor and Sleeping Porch (right)