Pharmacology Building

Pharmacology Building (left), Economics Building (right)

In 1910 a change in quarters of several Medical departments was necessitated by the fear that the old Medical Building, in which the departments had been housed for so many years, might not be entirely safe for class purposes. The old Chemical Building to the west of the Medical Building had been vacated recently by the chemists; the north section of it was therefore turned over to the department of Physiology and of Materia Medica and Therapeutics, and extensive changes were made to render it fit for use. These changes included the building of an amphitheater in the east end of the old building, the construction of suitable animal quarters on the top floor and minor alterations throughout. The second and part of the third floor was used for the Department of Physiology, and the first floor and part of the basement were assigned to the teaching of pharmacology.

Immediately after World War II the classes became too large for the amphitheater, and the laboratory was greatly overcrowded. A floor was built between the two stories where the amphitheater had been, and the new space then available was appropriated for additional laboratory facilities. When the East Medical Building was finished in the mid-twenties the Department of Physiology moved out of the old Chemistry Building (Pharmacology Building) and the Department of Materia Medica and Therapeutics occupied the entire north wing, except for the laboratory on the east end of the second floor, which was part of the first small building erected in 1856 by the University as a chemical laboratory. (Charles W. Edmunds, U of M Encyclopedic Survey, p. 852)

The Pharmacology Building was removed in 1956.

Pharmacology Building (right), Economics Building (left)


Pharmacology Building (left), Economics Building (right)