Dentistry and Engineering Building

Dentistry Building - Original Professors' House with Addition

In 1877 the College of Dental Surgery moved to the east Professors' House on South University.  Professor Frieze was the last professor to live in the house.  The building was refitted and arranged for classes.  It was ready by October 1, at a cost of $1000.  The School continued to grow rapidly, and in the winter of 1878 an addition was completed.  This provided a new laboratory and lecture room.  The old lecture room was converted into a dental museum.  An appropration of $3,250 was made by the legislature.  In 1891 the College of Dental Surgery moved to the Pavilion Hospital on North University when the University Hospital moved into its new building on Catherine Street.  The South University building was given to the Engineering Department.


Dental College - South University

Engineering Building

In 1890 there were 160 Engineering students enrolled in fields including civil, mining, mechanical, electrical, and sanitary engineering. With growing enrollments, however, came the need for more space.  The original Professors' House was more than doubled and a third story added.  The entrance was moved to the west side of the new part and the word “Engineering” was placed over the doorway. There were fifteen classrooms and several offices. The building continued in use until 1922 when it was removed to make room for the Clements Library.

Engineering Building