Medical Building Addition 1864

Medical Addition

The Medical Department was opened immediately upon the completion of the Laboratory Building in 1850 and grew so rapidly that by 1864 an addition became necessary. In January of 1864 the Regents considered how they might enlarge the building. An examination of the finances of the institution showed that it could not be done without incurring debt. An appeal was made to the citizens of Ann Arbor who responded with a gift of $10,000, raised by a general tax. The cost of the addition was $20,000. The four-story structure at the west end of the original building was 60 feet square, thus more than doubling the classroom and laboratory space. It housed offices and two large lecture rooms or amphitheaters.  The top floor provided a new and enlarged dissecting room. For more than half a century all the pre-clinical medical work was carried on in this building and in the small Anatomical Laboratory Building, which was completed in 1889 just to the south of the Medical Building.

Medical Building Addition