South College

South College

South College was completed in 1848-49. It was identical to Mason Hall, and provided space needed for a chemical and medical laboratory, recitation rooms, and housing for students.

Mason Hall and South College were designed solely for dormitories, with instruction for students to be conducted under a tutorial system. The immediate necessity for space, however, reduced the dormitory function to three-fourths of each building. The other fourth was devoted to lecture and recitation rooms. Mason Hall housed a chapel, library, and rooms for the Mineralogical Cabinet. South College provided rooms for the two literary societies.

Mason Hall and South College
South College

This is believed to be a room in South College

used by the student literary societies.

The University of Michigan Campus by Jasper Cropsey - 1855

University of Michigan campus from the northeast

The academic uses of Mason Hall and South College varied from time to time:
Law Building, Mason Hall and South College