Victor C. Vaughan House

Hospital Administration Building

Vaughn House, was built on the corner of Glen Avenue and Catherine Street on the site of the 1891 Homeopathic Hospital, destroyed by fire in 1927. Named after Victor Vaughn, Dean of the Medical School, the dormitory housed 149 male medical students. From 1943 to 1945, Victor Vaughan House provided quarters for specialized army medical and dental groups. During the war some of the fraternity houses were leased by the University to supplement housing for women. As these leases were terminated a shortage of facilities for women was created, and a decision was made to move them into Vaughn House in the fall of 1945. But, by the beginning of 1946 the veterans were returning to the University in such numbers that the women living in Vaughan House had to be relocated. In 1946-47 as many as 240 men were living in the house under emergency conditions. Although originally built as a dormitory for medical students, because of the great need for undergraduate housing the Vaughan House was not available for medical students until the demand lessened.