Medical Sciences I and II

Medical Sciences I (1) Medical Sciences II (2)

In 1958 the first unit of the Medical Science buildings was ready for occupancy. This building, closely adjoining the School of Nursing, provided adequate accommodations for the departments of Pathology, Biological Chemistry, and Pharmacology, all of which, with the Medical School Administration, were moved into the new quarters from the West Medical Building on South University Avenue.

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Medical Sciences I

The Medical Science Building II at 1137 East Catherine Street was completed in July of 1969 at a cost of $12,700,000, financed by state appropriations, federal funds, private gifts, and University sources. Holabird and Root were assigned as planning architects for this project in June of 1961. Construction contracts were awarded to Spence Brothers of Saginaw and Hydon-Brand Company in November of 1965. The building contained 4,550,853 cubic feet and 333,038 gross square feet. This unit housed the departments of Anatomy, Genetics, Microbiology, and Physiology and also provided instructional facilities to meet the needs of increased enrollment, plus research areas for both faculty and students. This brought together all of the Medical School Departments in one area. Both Medical Science I and Medical Science II were connected by a bridge to the Main Hospital.

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Medical Sciences I (1) Medical Sciences II (2)