Palmer Ward

Palmer Ward

In 1901 Mrs. Love Maria Palmer, widow of Dr. Alonzo B. Palmer, gave the University $20,000 for a building to be devoted to the care of children in the University Hospital. She also gave $15,000 as an endowment for the support and maintenance of free beds.

The Palmer Ward was erected as a special building, measuring about 50 by 100 feet at the front of the nurses’ home. (formerly the original heating plant) The Palmer Ward was opened in 1904 and formally dedicated in 1907, providing sixty-four beds to the surgical and medical care of children. At first, few children were referred to the Hospital, and much of the new wing was used to house nurses and to accommodate maternity cases. An X-ray laboratory was set up in the basement.

Alonzo B. Palmer
Professor of Medicine
Palmer Ward

Palmer Ward (center)

Palmer Ward (second from left)