Baseball Field

Baseball Diamond on Ferry Field

In 1890 the Regents purchased ten acres off of South Street for an athletic field. The original field was called Regents' Field and included a quarter-mile track with a 220-yard straightaway on the north side and inside the track a baseball diamond and football gridiron.

In 1902 Dexter M. Ferry of Detroit, donated an additional seventeen acres to the north of Regents' Field and the combined tract became known as Ferry Field.

In 1906 the site of intercollegiate activities was shifted to the north part of the field. The baseball diamond was moved north to the present site of the Field House (Yost Arena). Wooden stands were erected beside the new gridiron, but in 1814 those on the south side were moved, part of them to the baseball field.

In 1924 when the Field House was built it was necessary to move the baseball diamond and stands about 150 feet west of their old site.

Baseball Diamond on Regent's Field

Baseball Diamond on Regent's Field

Baseball Diamond moved to the west of the new Field House

Ferry Field Baseball Field (1)

Ferry Field Tennis Courts

In 1928-29 tennis courts (clay, concrete, and asphalt) for intercollegiate and intramural play were constructed on Ferry Field

Ferry Field Baseball Diamond (1) Tennis Courts (2)