joseph whiting


Greek & Latin 1841-1845

JOSEPH WHITING was born in 1800. He was graduated Bachelor of Arts from Yale in 1823, and received the degree of Master of Arts there in 1837. He was ordained a minister in the Presbyterian Church, and came to Michigan, where he combined teaching with preaching. He became Principal of the branch of the University located at Niles, and was transferred from there to Ann Arbor in 1841 and made Professor of the Greek and Latin Languages. For a time he and Professor George P. Williams constituted the entire Faculty. He died at Ann Arbor, July 20, 1845, just before the first class was graduated.

The Reverend Joseph Whiting was Principal of the University branch at Niles.  In August of 1841 he was named professor of Greek and Latin. Professors Whiting and Williams constituted the faculty in 1841 when classes began.  Professor Whiting died just before the first class graduated in 1845.