julius otto schlotterbeck


Pharmacognosy & Botany 1892-1895, 1896-1904

Dean of Pharmacy 1905-

JULIUS OTTO SCHLOTTERBECK was born at Ann Arbor, Michigan, September 1, 1865, son of Hermann William and Rosina Christina (Kempf) Schlotterbeck. His ancestors on both sides were German. He passed through the various grades of the Ann Arbor schools, served a time as prescription clerk, and was graduated from the School of Pharmacy of the University of Michigan in 1887. A year later he became assistant in Pharmacognosy and Pharmacy at the University while pursuing studies for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, which was conferred in 1891. From 1892 to 1895 he was Instructor in Pharmacognosy and Botany. The year 1895-1896 was spent in study at the University of Berne, where he received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the end of the year. He then returned to the University as Assistant Professor of Pharmacognosy and Botany, from which position he was advanced to the rank of Junior Professor in 1904. In 1905 he was also made Dean of the School of Pharmacy. He is a frequent contributor to the scientific journals.  He is a member of the American Pharmaceutical Association, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the American Conference of Pharmaceutical Faculties.  On August 11, 1898, he was married to Eda May Clark (B. L. 1891, B.S. 1897), and they have three children:  Prescott Golder, Miriam Arda, and Karl Theodore.

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