SEBASTIAN ALBRECHT, Ph.D., Acting Junior Professor of Astronomy, 1912-1913.  Astronomer, Dudley Observatory.  Albany NY.

ELMER LOUIS ALLOR, B.S. C.E., LL.B., Instructor in Astronomy, 1892-1893. Pontiac, Mich.

FRANCIS BRUNNOW, Ph.D., Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Observatory 1854-1863. Died at Heidelberg, Germany, Aug. 22, 1891.

WILLIAM WALLACE CAMPBELL, B.S.C.B., Sc.D. LL.D. Instructor in Astronomy, 1888-1891, President of the University of California. Berkeley, Cal.

RALPH HAMILTON CURTISS, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Astro-Physics, 1907-1911, Junior Professor of Astronomy, 1911-1915, Associate Professor of Astronomy, 1915-1918, Professor of Astronomy, 1918-, Assistant Director of the Observatory, 1911-.

CHARLES ROBERT GILLIS, Ph.B. Instructor in Astronomy, 1895-1896. Died at Washington, D.C. July 20, 1900.

ASAPH HALL, Ph.D. Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Observatory, 1892-1905, Professor of Mathematics, U. S. Navy, Naval Observatory, Washington, DC.

MARK WALROD HARRINGTON, A.M. LL.D. Assistant Curator of the Museum, 1368-1870, Instructor in Mathematics and Assistant Curator of the Museum, 1870-1872, Instructor in Geology, Zoology, and Botany, 1872-1873, Assistant Professor of Geology, Zoology, and Botany, 1873-1876, Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Observatory, 1879-1892, resigned to accept position of Chief of the U. S. Weather Bureau, Morris Plains, NJ.

FRANCOIS CHARLES PIERRE HENROTEAU, Ph.D. Acting Assistant Astronomer, 1816-1918, Director of the Department of Astrophysics in Dominion Observatory, Ottawa, Canada.


CARL CLARENCE KIESS, Ph.D. Instructor in Astronomy, 1916-1917, Bureau of Standards, Washington, DC.

PAUL WILLARD MERRILL, Ph.D. Instructor in Astronomy, 1913-1919, Astronomer, Mt. Wilson Observatory, Pasadena, Cal.

WALTER MANN MITCHELL, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Astronomy, 1910-1913, Philadelphia, Pa.

RICHARD ALFRED ROSSITER, A.M. Assistant Astronomer, 1920-.

WILL CARL RUFUS, Ph.D., Instructor in Astronomy, 1917-1920, Assistant Professor of Astronomy, 1920-.

JOHN MARTIN SCHAEBERLE, C.E. M.S. Assistant in the Observatory, 1878-1885, Acting Assistant Professor of Astronomy, 1885-1886, Instructor in Astronomy, 1886-1888, resigned to accept a position in the Lick Observatory, Ann Arbor, Mich.

SIDNEY DEAN TOWNLEY, Sc.D. Instructor in Astronomy, 1893-1895, 1896-1898, Professor of Applied Mathematics in Stanford University, Palo Alto, Cal.

JAMES CRAIG WATSON, LL.D. Assistant Observer, 1858-1859, Professor of Astronomy, and Instructor in Mathematics, 1859-1860, Professor of Physics, and Instructor in Mathematics, 1860-l863, Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Observatory, 1863-1879, resigned to become Professor of Astronomy and Director of Washburn Observatory, University of Wisconsin. Died at Madison, Wis. Nov. 23, 1880.