William James Herdman


Anatomy 1875-

WILLIAM JAMES HERDMAN was born at Concord, Muskingum County, Ohio, September 7, 1848, son of James and Eliza Ann (Elliott) Herdman. He is of Scotch-Irish descent. He studied at Westminster College, Pennsylvania, and afterwards at the University of Michigan, where he received the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy in 1872 and the degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1875. Since the latter date he has been connected with the teaching force of the University, and has held the following positions: Demonstrator of Anatomy, 1875-1890; Lecturer on Pathological Anatomy, 1879-1880; Assistant Professor of Pathological Anatomy, 1880-1882; Professor of Practical and Pathological Anatomy, 1882-1888; Professor of Practical Anatomy and Diseases of the Nervous System, 1888-1890; Professor of Nervous Diseases and Electrotherapeutics, 1890-1898; Professor of Diseases of the Mind and Nervous System, and of Electrotherapeutics, since 1898. He has also given special lectures in the Department of Law for many years. He has been actively engaged in the practice of Medicine and Surgery since 1875. From 1882 to 1887 he also held the professorship of Orthopedic Surgery in the Northwestern (Ohio) Medical College, and was consultant surgeon to St. Vincent's Hospital at Toledo for the same period. From 1887 to 1902 he was Surgeon-in-chief of the Ann Arbor Railroad and was reappointed to that position in 1905. He was chairman of the Executive Committee of the American Medical Association from 1897 to 1899, and chairman of the section of Neurology and Medical Jurisprudence in 1896. He is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Medicine; a member of the American Electrotherapeutic Association, of which he was president in 1894; the Michigan State Medical Society; the Washtenaw County Medical Society; the Ann Arbor Medical Club; and the Zanesville Academy of Medicine. In 1897 the University of Nashville conferred upon him the degree of Doctor of Laws. He was married September 16, 1873, to Nancy Bradley Thomas, and they have three children: Elliott Kent, Marie Louise, and Anna Mary.

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