Raymond cazallis davis


Assistant Librarian 1868-1872, Librarian 1877-1905

RAYMOND CAZALLIS DAVIS was born at Cushing, Maine, June 23, 1836, son of George and Catherine (Young) Davis. He is descended from English and Welsh ancestry through his father, and on his mother's side from families of Scotch and Irish origin. His father was a sea captain, and at the age of thirteen the son started on a cruise with him which carried them round the globe and lasted two years. On his return he was fitted for college, and in 1855 he entered the University of Michigan. Towards the end of the second year his studies were interrupted by a severe illness which incapacitated him for serious work for some years. His health having been finally restored, he engaged in the coasting trade for a time. In 1868 he returned to the University as Assistant Librarian. At the end of four years the Regents tendered him the position of Librarian; but as this involved the displacement of the incumbent, he declined the office. He now returned to Maine, and for the next five years again followed the sea. In 1877 the office of Librarian at the University having fallen vacant, he was again offered the position and now felt free to accept it. During his long term of service extending over twenty-eight years the Library grew steadily in extent and efficiency. In 1905, at his own request, he was relieved of the burdens of administration and was made Librarian Emeritus and Lecturer on Bibliography.  As early as 1882 he had instituted a course in Bibliography in the Department of Literature, Science, and the Arts, and this he still continues to give, carrying it now through the college year. He has been a member of the American Library Association since 1878. In 1869 he published a volume entitled "Reminiscences of a Voyage around the World," based on his boyhood experiences and observations. In 1881 the Regents of the University conferred upon him the honorary degree of Master of Arts. He was married July 6, 1880, to Ellen Regal, daughter of the Reverend Eli Regal.

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