Wooster Woodruff Beman


Mathematics 1871-

WOOSTER WOODRUFF BEMAN was born at Southington, Connecticut, May 28, 1850, son of Woodruff and Lois Jane (Neal) Beman. His father, an expert machinist and amateur musician, was a lineal descendant of Simon Beman, one of the early settlers of Springfield, Massachusetts, where he was married in 1654. On his mother's side he is descended from Edward Neal, who was an early settler of Westfield, Massachusetts, and who died there in 1698. His early training was had at the Valparaiso Male and Female College and at the Collegiate Institute of Valparaiso, Indiana. He entered the University of Michigan in 1866 and was graduated Bachelor of Arts in 1870. He was at once appointed Instructor in Greek and Mathematics at Kalamazoo College, but resigned this position after one year to accept an instructorship in Mathematics at the University of Michigan. Here he has continued for thirty-five years. He was Instructor from 1871 to 1874; Assistant Professor from 1874 to 1882; Associate Professor from 1882 to 1887; and since 1887 he has been head Professor of Mathematics. He is the author of "Essays on the Theory of Numbers" (from the German of Dedekind, 1901); and in association with Professor David Eugene Smith, of Teachers' College, Columbia University, of the following: "Plane and Solid Geometry" (1895), "New Higher Arithmetic" (1897), "Famous Problems of Elementary Geometry" (from the German of Klein, 1897), "New Plane and Solid Geometry" (1899), "A Brief History of Mathematics" (from the German of Fink, 1900)," Elements of Algebra" (1900), "Geometric Exercises in Paper Folding" (a revised edition of the work of Sundara Row, 1901), and "Academic Algebra" (1902). He is a member of the American Mathematical Society, the London Mathematical Society, the Deutsche Mathematike Vereinigung, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science, of which he was vice-president and chairman of Section A in 1897. He is actively interested in church affairs, and has been Treasurer of the Baptist Convention of the State of Michigan since 1893. He was married September 4, 1877, to Ellen Elizabeth Burton, and they have two children: Winifred (A.B. 1899, A.M. 1901, now Mrs. Harrison S. Smalley, of Ann Arbor) and Ralph (A.B. 1905).

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